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Lots of TURKEY  have been seen in the area. Most of the hunters are reporting counts over 100 every time they go out.   There also hasn't been much deer mortality due to the mild winter.  This coupled with the huge amount of apples, berries, etc...  available all summer should  have everyone looking forward to very well fed animals come hunting season.     

. If you plan on HUNTING in PA the following dates in 2012-3 would be helpful.   If  you are getting ready for the 2012 season, the dates for application for a doe license are  July 9 for Residents & July 30 for Non-Residents.  It pays to go online at least a week before these dates to buy your license so it gets sent to your home before the starting date because you must mail the application that arrives with the license to apply for the doe license.   Also for Non-Residents it pays to mail on the friday or saturday before so that the application arrives on that monday (30th) so you are first in line.     These licenses are available by the end of June.

The new thing to remember this year (2012/13) is that there will be no DOE hunting until the end of the first week of Rifle season: only on that Saturday December 1 and then the following Monday-Saturday December  3-8.  Remember we are in WMU 3C when applying for a doe license.   . 

I personally have seen 4 BEAR CUBS running across the road just a couple of miles from the Motel at the beginning of October of 2009.  I just saw a second sow & 4 cubs about 5 miles from the Motel just after the 4th of July Weekend of 2010.  These are 2 separate sightings as the cubs were smaller at the 2nd sighting.   Statewide the average is 3 BEAR CUBS for PA.  All the other states have an average of 2 cubs or less.  Of the half dozen known instances of 5 cubs in PA., almost all are here in the Northeast part of the state.  Think, the more cubs, the more food for them in the area allowing for more offspring. So the bears are well fed here and multipling better than average.  The regular BEAR SEASON is open for the SATURDAY (new!), Monday & Tuesday & Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  ALSO NEW THIS YEAR IS A STATEWIDE BEAR ARCHERY SEASON FROM THE 12TH NOVEMBER, MONDAY TO FRIDAY THE 16TH.  Tell your friends there is lots of bear here in the area. We want bear hunters!  They won't be disappointed! I've taken pictures of bear tracks with a ruler next to them and forwarded them to the Game Commision and got replies back that those bear when shot will be near or over the state record. And this is from 2 different bears. When you have lots of acres of apple & fruit trees and blueberry bushes as I have, this is what happens.

After a couple of lean years the DEER appear to be making a good comback. Reports from ARCHERY hunters are telling me that they are seeing much more deer in the woods than in previous years...

You can buy the hunting license on line:    The Game Commission actually prefers that you do it on line so you can get a registration # so you can use it the following year.. 

If you plan on HUNTING in PA. the following dates in 2012/13 would be helpful.  Please note there is a difference in rifle season this year.  And as usual there is no hunting on Sunday.  You can fish but you can't hunt big game on Sunday.  See below:

Just for everyone to know, we are in WMU # 3C to apply for a doe license. These dates may be a day off until this year is finalized.

JULY 09--1st day for RESIDENTS to apply for antlerless (doe) licenses.  We are in section  WMU 3C and one must buy the license to get the application form.  Most everyone mails the application on the Friday before so that it gets there on that Monday.

July 30--1st day for NON-RESIDENTS to apply for antlerless (doe) licenses. I'm checking out this date to be sure.

August 6--If there are ANY LEFT than one can apply for a SECOND DOE license.The Game Commission has a place on their Website with daily tracking so one can see if there are any licenses left in each WMU. All you have to do is click on WMU 3C to find out if any are left.     

September 29--November 12--Statewide ARCHERY Season for Antlered & Antlerless DEER. License for Buck comes with purchase of hunting license. Doe license required for shooting Doe & must be applied for in August after buying regular license. These licenses are separate so you can shoot a second deer (doe) with the doe license.  .

October 13-20--Muzzleloader  Statewide Antlerless Deer Season.  Again a Doe license is required.  No bucks.  However it is still ARCHERY DEER SEASON and one can still shoot a buck during this time with a bow.

October 18-20  JUNIOR & SENIOR ARCHERY DEER-- Doe  only, need doe license.  Still regular Archery season with a bow if you want to shoot a buck.

October 27---November 16--Also Nov. 22-24 (Thanksgiving) WMU 3C Fall Wild TURKEY Season. Male or Female. Tag comes with license.

November 12-16 MON.-Fri.. BEAR SEASON ARCHERY.  THIS IS NEW.  Crossbows permitted.  Bear license required & must have kill checked out at a checking station to be examined & weighed.. 

November 17, SATURDAY,  & Nov. 19-20-21 Mon/Tues/Wed--BLACK BEAR Rifle Season.   Bear license is required as well as showing up at a checking station when one kills a bear so it can be examined and weighed.  This is a new day on Saturday.

November 26-Dec 1   Extended Bear Season to coincide with the first week of Buck season. Back again!

November 26-30--RIFLE Season for Antlered DEER.  Always begins the Monday after Thanksgiving.  Tag comes with license for Buck,  PLEASE NOTE THAT THE FIRST WEEK OF SEASON IS FOR BUCKS ONLY THIS YEAR IN 3C . Antler restrictions    Also as show just above it is also extended BEAR season.   Doe begins Saturday Dec. 1st..  

December 1-8 --Rifle season for Antlerless and Antlered DEER  (Sunday, no hunting).   you can hunt BUCKS & DOES and as with the archery season a DOE license is required and applied for in August...

December 26-January 16,'13 -- FLINTLOCK BUCK or DOE with General license and any extra Doe requires a separate Doe license.

December 26-January 16,'13-- WINTER ARCHERY DEER Same as ARCHERY above.

SATURDAY APRIL 20,'13 -- Special Youth Spring Gobbler, Bearded Birds only. One allowed. Junior Hunting License with Licensed Adult.

Apr. 27-May 31,'13 -- SPRING GOBBLER -- Bearded Bird only. Only One allowed but a second permit can be purchased. Then only one turkey allowed per day. The last 2 weeks-from May 16th, on turkey can be hunted all day--new this year

BOBCATS can be hunted or trapped here. See the PGC website for details & application.

One can also hunt SMALL GAME here as well. PHEASANTS, GROUSE, RABBITS, SQUIRRELS, & GROUNDHOGS are plentiful.  See the PGC site for details & limits. Remember we are WMU 3C for the correct dates of season.

TRAPPING & FURTAKING is popular here with lots of animals.  See the PGC site for details and limits.



Harry from NH with an 8 pt. taken with a Longbow during the '06 season.  Bruce, one of our NH hunters with a Buck taken '06 
1st Day of 07 Deer Rifle Season  1st Day Of 07 Deer Rifle Season
Jacque's 7pointer - Archery 07 Season With Longbow   


Maps provided by Pennsylvania Game Commission.

The Vacation Inn Motel is situated in the middle of over 30,000 acres of State Game Lands and with lots of farms in the area which provide a large and varied assortment of terrain and food to hunt deer, bear, turkey, bobcat, as well as all the small game.  Our Area 3C is also open to hunt bear for the first week of deer rifle season. A couple of the bear in the area are so large that when shot they will be close to the state record. This is due to all the food available to them.  There are links to the Game Lands maps below are within a 20 or 30 minute drive available on the site.

Fishing is plentiful with many lakes and streams to fish from in the area.  About a dozen Fish Commission Lakes have places to launch boats to go fishing in the summer and to go ice fishing in the winter. We are less than an hour from Lake Wallenpaupack which is one of the biggest lakes in the state. One can catch bass, trout, pickerel, and walleye, perch, and what you call catfish here, namely bullheads.  Usually the thickness of the ice is good enough to start ice fishing by the beginning of the year, but call for conditions to be sure.

>>> State game land maps, click on images to enlarge:

State Game Land Map #35 20 miles away from Motel
State Game Land Map #70 18 miles away from Motel
State Game Land Map #159 15 miles away from Motel
State Game Land Map #159a 15-20 miles from Motel
State Game Land Map #175 20 miles away from Motel
State Game Land Map #236 Walk to it from the Motel or drive 5 to 10 miles
State Game Land Map #299 20 miles away from Motel 


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